Owners and managers will love Restaurant Rockstars it because of the sales increase, and team members will love it because their tips increase! Perfect win/win situation!"
- Chris/Co-Owner
Roger Beaudoin has created a great restaurant staff training program. It’s simple, down to earth and it works!"
- Dick/Executive Director
Without Roger and his program, I believe we would not have had the necessary tools to make the changes to our restaurant structure to ensure our success."
- Alex/Owner

Web-based video training modules 

A TURN-KEY TRAINING SYSTEM that will turn your entire staff into selling machines. This is not just for servers. This training is for bus staff, hosts and every person on your payroll – INCLUDING YOU!

The Pre Shift Planner

Make daily training simple, fun and interactive with over 20 proven Pre-Shift exercises, Team-Building, Contests & Staff Incentives. Take 5 minutes a day with your team and watch your staff shine, customers smile and sales rise

Staff Workbooks

Once your team has viewed the powerful training videos, the Workbook serves as an additional training exercise as it mirrors the Sales Stars training program module by module reinforcing staff retention with fill in the blank questions and an answer key perfect for a group training session.
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The first time I saw Roger’s Sales Stars Training Program, it articulated everything that I struggle to explain to my staff in a very basic, easy to understand way."
- Matt/Owner
With 35 years of experience in operating restaurants from top to bottom I can say Sales Stars Server Training is perfect for any restaurant wanting to increase sales, profits and their guest dining experience. It’s perfect for your servers, managers, and guest!"
- K.Wells/ Owner
I highly recommend restaurants use Restaurant Rockstars. Happy guests, happy team, happy owners. What could be better? Thanks for creating a great way to help my business."
- Christopher/Owner
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